Miss Fisher returns for a second season

ABC’s brilliant TV series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries returns on Friday, September 6th for her second season!

Based on a series of crime novels by Australian authorĀ Kerry Greenwood, Phryne Fisher (pronounced Fry-knee, to rhyme with briny) is a thoroughly modern girl. With fabulous fashion, a pearl handled gun and a taste for mystery, Phryne sets 1920’s Melbourne ablaze, solving crime with the help of her companion/maid, Dorothy Williams, and her police officer friends DI Jack Robinson and Constable Collins.

miss fisher 2The first season saw Phryne returning to Australia ten years after the Great War, intent on solving the mystery of her younger sister’s murder when they were young girls. Entangled in murder mysteries, Phryne finds herself a new profession as a Lady Detective, taking on impressive cases for the high flyers of jazz age Melbourne.

I have high hopes for season two – they promise more mysteries and more glamour!! Two of the novels that will feature in the series are Dead Man’s Chest, where a quiet holiday on the coast becomes a sinister treasure hunt for Phryne and co; and the latest novel, Unnatural Habits, where Phryne must find three missing girls who disappeared in sinister circumstances! Both are brilliant reads with surprising twists.

From the first season I’d have to say my favourite episodes (which really were all of them!) count Murder on the Ballarat Train, Ruddy Gore, and Murder in Monteparnasse in the top three.

The novels, which have been re-released in glossy TV tie in editions are available online and in-store, with many more mysteries and intrigues to be coming. Overall, Miss Fisher is good fun – the costumes are stunning, Essie Davis shines as witty, glamorous Miss Fisher and Nathan Page smoulders as put upon Detective Inspector Robinson.

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