Movin’ On Up! (The transition from high school to uni)

To start, a massive congrats to the high school class of 2012, and for some of you 2011! You’ve now made two of three transitions, from primary to high school, and from high school to uni. The last, as you’ve probably guessed, is from uni to the ‘real world’.

Going to university is a uniquely terrifying experience, but you’ve already endured enrollment day, so relax, the worst is over. Believe me, I’m not joking – enrollment day sucks with the queues, trekking to approximately four different buildings, etc. This is the worst day you’ll have at uni, so welcome to the fun side!

Firstly, uni is so much better than high school.

You’ll probably have a lot more free time, and if you’re an Arts student, chances are you’ll be on-campus for about 3 days a week, which means four-day weekends! Even better, you don’t have to start at 8.30am every day – if you want, you can rig your timetable to start at midday (helloooo sleeping in!).

So, what to expect in your first few weeks:

  • You are going to get lost at least once; come to terms with that fact and you’ll feel much better (if you’re really panicking, ask someone if they know where your building is!)
  • If you sit at the end of an empty row in a lecture theatre, you’re probably going to get an awkward lap dance from someone trying to get into that row. Your best chance of avoiding this is to sit closer to the middle of the row. See my YouTube clip below on how to further avoid these awkward situations.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk in tutorials, it’s actually encouraged and is a great way to meet people
  • Be prepared to start working right away – your lecturers might go easy on you in week one, but that’s all the leeway you’ll get

If you’re going to college and living away from home for the first time, guess what? You’re going to have so much fun, because A) you get to live on campus, which means you get more sleeping time than the rest of us, B) you’re going to get a whole new set of friends who are always nearby, and C) there are the uni events, which are always epic!

All you really need to know is that uni isn’t anywhere near as scary as it seems. You might have just finished high school, but you won’t have the little fish/big pond syndrome that happened when you got to year 8. Pretty much everyone on campus is crazy nice, and no one cares if you’re a first year or fifth year student, so welcome to uni, and good luck!


As promised earlier, here’s my YouTube clip on how to tackle tricky lecture etiquette… I like to call it Letiquette

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