My Internship

My internship with The Co-op Bookshop was my first experience of interning while at university. I had an idea in my head that I might be running around for coffees or frantically trying to get a manuscript form one side of Sydney to the other, but neither of these came true. What I really enjoyed was how the internship comprised of real work and I didn’t see a single stamp.

The Co-op Internship provides good ground work and real work, enough theory of why we do what we do and how to do it. There was also the opportunity to write copy and do practical work that can actually be seen (in my case on the blog and Facebook page). An Internship at the Co-op provides a great opportunity to learn new skills and work in a fun environment. In my internship I learnt about the importance of making marketing measurable, how to write for different audiences, be it the blog or Facebook, and how to promote products and business through social media.

Doing an internship while studying is also a really good time to reflect on your chosen career path and degree, as studying and working in a field are often two very different things. I found that the practical element of my internship in social media allowed me to refine my career goals to better match my degree and own interests, which is valuable to know! The Co-op has a fantastic work environment that is really encouraging for the interns to boost confidence and their ability to present ideas professionally. Besides, it is so much fun at the Co-op, I’d highly recommend their internship program!

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Guest Blogger: Grace, 2nd Year University of Wollongong student, Co-op Member since 2012 and Social Media Intern

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