The Naked CEO

Awesome is the first word that sprung to my mind when I finished reading Alex Malley’s The Naked CEO. Alex Malley is the CEO of CPA Australia and his new book is a fantastic guide to professional development that is incredibly well formatted, easy to read and engaging.

“This book shares the career and leadership principles that I worked out the hard way on my journey from suspended schoolboy to CEO. It’s also my challenge to you to go out into the world and test what you are capable of.”

 As a recent uni graduate, this book definitely stands out from the swamp of advice books that throw buzzwords at you and say ‘have a good LinkedIn’ and ‘make a good first impression’. The Naked CEO goes a whole step further than just stating these buzzwords – it shows you how. Beneath every headline of the things you should be doing, Alex has practical steps in order to achieve it – from ways to hone your listening skills and how to save a conversation if you’ve forgotten someone’s name the moment they’ve said it, to exactly how to achieve that rocking LinkedIn profile.

But what I truly found valuable and brilliant about The Naked CEO is how it doesn’t just take you to the door of your new job, it has plenty of constructive info and ideas to truly make the most of your professional development and lay down the skills that will help you through your career (and maybe even get you to a CEO position!). This book truly stands out as a great resource, whether you are about to leave uni or have been in the workplace for years.

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Moving through the stages of starting uni and choosing a study path, to getting a grad job and then moving up in your career, this is a fantastic read. Full of Alex’s advice, anecdotes from mentees and solid, practical tips to round out your professional development, The Naked CEO is a must-read book for 2014!

There are also a tonne of resources and info on the official Naked CEO website.


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