Need MOR Gatsby?


F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is taking the world by storm with its glamorous recreation of the sizzling 1920s, a world of fashion, romance and all that Jazz. A tragic warning to an unlimited lifestyle, Gatsby centers in the opulent and romantic world of uber-rich Jay Gatsby, a self-made man whose lavish lifestyle knows no bounds, held to earth only by his deep love for his sweetheart Daisy. In articulate prose, Fiztgerald sweeps angst, love triangles, passion and the decline of the American Dream.

But despite its words of caution, The Great Gatsby is the epitome of true style and the dramatic makeup that was a stand out of the era is easy to recreate. Match your slinky beaded flapper dress, t-bar Mary Janes and art deco clutch to seductive cat’s eyes, sharp Lulu bob and cupid bow lips with MORs gorgeous Little Luxuries, in-store now.

In opulent packaging reminiscent of summer days in West Egg, be a Jazz diva with MOR’s intoxicating scents of Snow Gardenia, very Daisy Buchanan, or Belladonna if you’re a striking Jordan Baker. And don’t forget in the 1920s the red lip was at a high, so perfect that pout with Cassis Noir lip nectar or any of the delicious Lip Macarons.


The Art Deco movement, with clean lines and iconic glamour transformed architecture, fashion and design in the 20s. MOR’s new range includes postcard packaged, triple milled soaps in heavenly scents and petite candles to jazz up any room.


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