This is the first book I have taken on as a part of my reading challenge.

Sometimes in reading fantasy, we can struggle to suspend our disbelief. The strange worlds, creatures and characters are too much for our minds, and we can’t switch off from reality.

Thankfully, the main character of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman is going through the same process as we read. Richard Mayhew is thrust into an urban fantasy world, where the familiar locations of London are twisted in a seedy underworld of assasins, door openers and rat-speakers.

And much like Arthur Dent did for us in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, we are given access to this beautifully wrought world through the eyes of an everyday (though we suspect secretly heroic) man.

A wonderful tale which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was surprised by the almost Terry-Pratchettiness of the writing, having previously only know Gaiman for the Sandman series.

This isn’t replacing anything from my top twenty, but I think it could have a place in the top 50, should I ever write one!

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