NicheIn Niche: The missing middle and why business needs to specialise to survive James Harkin writes about the disappearance of the middle ground over the last few decades. The newspapers we used to read when we had time to kill,  the high street stores that we used to wander into when we had nowhere else to go, the TV shows we watched because there was nothing else on.  Many of them are in trouble and some will not survive as the middle ground lost authority when it aimed for the lowest common denominator. It has proven dangerous to attempt to be all things to all people.

Our expanding digital world is allowing the creation of an ecosystem where people with ordinary resources and shared interests from across widely dispersed areas can meet and gather around things they really enjoy. We find and create our own niches, with potential markets gathered from across the globe for even the most specialized of niches.

Of course many of the big beasts  will survive, and some will not make it – at the moment we are watching Target struggle. For the rest of us? We need to find a niche.


Guest blogger: Tess, National Retail Manager



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