On Fire

Yesterday was a very different (and a little bit exciting) day for those of us working at the Co-op Support Office.

We’re on Level 10 of Building 10 at UTS and we are surrounded by construction as UTS’s ‘Master Plan‘ and Central Park Sydney (which includes a vertical garden on the side of one of the buildings) take shape.

Just before 10am one of the team from our Logistics Center was coming in for a meeting alerted us to the fact the crane in the construction area right next to our building was on fire.

Naturally curiosity got the better of us all and we were looking out the window in our kitchen and this is what we saw:

Soon after taking this photo the building fire and evacuation alarm started, and as the last of us headed down the fire stairs the boom of the tower crane had already collapsed and was looking like this:

Our evacuation muster area is in the TAFE area which meant our building blocked the crane from our view, however the smoke from the fire was clearly visible over the building.

The building was shut for the day so staff headed off site to work remotely where possible.

Assessments were carried out and the okay given for the building to open this morning. Today the crane, through the now very dirty window, is this:

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