On the move

Typical uni student “can I have a lift?” conversation goes somewhat like this…

Sheldon: Who wants to take me to the toy store? *Silence*

Penny: Count me out Sheldon.

Sheldon: Ok! Lets make this an interesting activity, shall we? I’ll ask a question and whoever answers it correctly will have the honour of giving me a ride!

Penny: Yeah… still not taking you.

Sheldon: Oh don’t give up Penny, not yet! It will hardly be a challenge.

Penny: Hmmmm. No.

Raj: Count me out! 

Sheldon: Are you sure guys? First you’d take me to the toy store, then to the comic shop which is obviously in the other direction, then to my dentist who happens to be…

Penny: I dreamt of this day. I need normal friends.

Okay, so obviously most of your friends won’t (or shouldn’t!) dog you like that, but sometimes not having a license can be a pressure on other people. Driving sure helps you get places faster and avoids situations like Sheldon’s.

Getting a driver’s license serves an important role on who you really are; it comes in handy as an ID for official things, plus the benefit of actually being allowed to drive. You wouldn’t want others to always have to pick you up and drop you off, and trust me, I’m talking from the eyes of the one getting picked up! I was there… I mean, I am still on my Ls and I know how it feels.

So, how do you actually get a driver’s licence? Well! There’s a Drivers Knowledge Test conducted by the RTA, and if you need more info on other states, see this blog post from my fellow CCA Iori. Otherwise, there’s always CityRail!

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