One Way or Another

Hmm. I was expecting One Way or Another: The Story of a Girl Who Loved Rockstars by Nikki McWatters to be more fun somehow. A little smuttier and more shameless, and perhaps naming a few names to boot. It isn’t entirely devoid of merit, but I think a higher trashiness factor might have actually been a good thing, at least in terms of keeping my attention.

Nikki McWatters’ account of her wayward youth as a New Wave groupie isn’t boring as such, but her story, on reflection, is just not all that compelling or even especially unusual. Less workmanlike prose may have helped make this a more memorable read, as might have some genuinely scandalous material. Though readers of a certain age (ahem) may be able to amuse themselves by speculating on just which pseudonymous eighties hair rockers our heroine managed to lure to her bed…


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