Tielka Teas – Fair. Fancy. Organic.

New to the delicious product range at the Co-op is a selection of heavenly, certified organic Tielka Teas. Housed in gorgeous packaging, the fair trade teas come in an array of delectable varieties to suit even the most distinguished tea palates, darling.

The girls in our office pod didn’t need to be asked twice when handed a goodie bag of samples to try – a tea party absolutely had to take place. With pinkies held high, the four of us smelled, sipped and savoured our way through four tasty varieties and compiled our own tasting notes and feedback…


Oolong Midnight Blossom 

What the package said: Fresh, young citrusy notes of lemon and sweet, floral, peppery notes.

What we said: A burst of lemony citrus with subtle notes of jasmine and a little sweet after taste from the Oolong.


Wild Rooibos

What the package said: Sweet, nutty with mild fruity tones.

What we said: Vanillary and earthy with golden sweet undertones.


Earl Rouge Rooibos

What the package said: Refreshingly sweet with a young citrusy bergamot finish.

What we said: ‘It’s like skipping through cornfields of happiness on a spring day’ (Thanks Alex). We also added: Flavours of  fragrant, zesty, orangey Bergamot with a dark toasted honey-gold hue. The perfect 3pm pick-me-up.


Northern Cape Chai Rooibos

What the package said: Spicy, with subtle notes of fruit and nuts.

What we said: Ditto!


The overall verdict 

Teariffic! Perfect for treating yourself or as a beautiful gift to a treasured friend, these teas are refreshing and simply make you feel good. Our Tielka tea party was a roaring success – the only thing missing were the jam and scones!

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Be sure to check out our huge range of Tielka Tea varieties online or in-store and taste the difference for yourself.



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