Organisationally Deficient? Me too!

Timetabling is the bane of every uni student’s existence, and creating the perfect timetable is damn near impossible. Truth be told, I secretly hate anyone who can actually do it. The question we’re asking today is, how do you balance your uni hours with your job, family, friends, and any other commitments you may have?

If I’m being completely honest, I have no idea how some people do it. My timetable is always something completely ridiculous (and never customizable – science kids, I know you can relate!). So, I’ve had to learn to see friends during breaks, and thankfully I can also work during my breaks. Ok, so my timetable is actually pretty convenient, but if you’re working outside of uni hours, as most of you are, how do you organize your time?

A lot of uni students work in retail or hospitality, and tend to pull crazy hours at work, that leave them a) exhausted, and b) with very little time to study. I’ve found that being hyper-organized and creepily obsessive with multiple to-do lists just doesn’t work  – see the disaster below (and yes I actually do this to myself every week). So what’s the solution?


I’ve found that being realistic about the amount you procrastinate is the best way to do things, and actively schedule things into your procrastination time. That makes… absolutely no sense, maybe an example will help? Ok, let’s just say you have an assessment to do, you’re probably going to spend a good four hours on Facebook looking at meme pages before actually doing anything. Instead of wasting your time, use it to do something else. Now, I’m not talking studying. I mean, go out, see a friend, chill with the fam, hit the gym, take a shift at work, do whatever it is that you want to do, but don’t procrastinate! Here’s the perfect example, I know I have to read a massive text for an assessment tomorrow, but because I don’t feel like doing it right now, I’m writing this blog! Productive, right?

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