Paper Towns

“What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person.”

When they were nine years old, Quentin and Margo discovered the body of a man who had killed himself in a park. Ten years later, Q finds Margo standing outside his window, asking him to be the getaway driver for her night of mischief and mayhem. The next day, Margo has run away and Q takes it upon himself to find her.

With the help of his friends, Q follows Margo’s series of clues and hints – abandoned buildings, random Capitalisation and an eerie poem about death – to find her location. Terrified that she may have committed suicide, Q races across the country to find her before time runs out.

John Green is an incredible writer and I have thoroughly enjoyed his poetic and funny novel. Q is in love with Margo Roth Speigleman – long suffering, long distance, unrequited love. To him she is a goddess – popular, adventurous, untouchable in her glamour. But for Margo, she is desperately lonely, a paper girl in a paper town.

Q, in his love and mild obsession for Margo has built her into a marvellous thing and forgotten at the heart that she was just a girl. His journey to understanding the truth about others and being able to still love is told with gentleness and superb wit. In true John Green style there is stunning writing, unique characters, great humour and tear jerking moments.

I found Paper Towns to feel similar to Looking for Alaska, in the sense that there is an effortlessly amazing girl who is adored by a slightly geeky guy. But this book was deeper and more hopeful than Alaska, and definitely worth the read.

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