The Pink Suit

On November 22, 1963, the world was rocked by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Beside him at the time was his wife Jackie, a woman remembered not only for her style and grace, but the incredible pink suit she wore on that fateful day. The Pink Suit by Nicole Mary Kelby is a tender and courageous look at the woman behind the creation of that iconic suit, as well as how that awful day impacted both women.

Kate is a backroom girl at Chez Ninon. She’s never met Jacqueline Kennedy but she has tirelessly hand-stitched the pieces of her luxe, iconic, all-American wardrobe. An immigrant from Ireland living in New York City, Kate is working on a ballgown when the call comes in from the White House commissioning Chez Ninon to make a replica of the classic Chanel Suit, in boucle of stunning pink. As Kate sews what will become a favourite and most iconic suit of the First Lady, she faces decisions about whether to pursue her chance to open her own salon, to marry her sweetheart, Patrick, who runs the butcher shop on Broadway; to go against the grain of her straight-laced Irish neighbourhood and embrace the whirlwind life in NYC or to give into her homesickness and return to Ireland.

I thoroughly loved this book and highly recommend reading it if you like fashion, The Kennedys or historical fiction. Kate is a brilliant character, a girl who is plain but determined and wins you over with her genuine heart and good nature. The writing is perfect – descriptive, touching, memorable. As someone who loves fashion, The Pink Suit is almost a love letter to haute couture – the handiwork and detail that was given to clothes before mass production took over is inspiring and Kate’s love of clothes, and her love for Jackie (even though she never meets her personally) shines. I highly recommend reading The Pink Suit.

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