Pitch Perfect

Pitch PerfectSo, the premise for Pitch Perfect centres on competitive a capella singing and a rag tag team of women who aim to be the first all-female group to win the championship… it sounds like a stereotypical under-dog film and feels like the unlikely love child of 30 Rock-Glee-Whip It. But it’s secret weapons lie in a hilarious script, Rebel Wilson, a slight break from tradition, The Elizabeth Banks/John Michael Higgins duo of awesome, and some seriously amazing singing!!

I’ll start by saying that I totally loved this film! It was sharp, bitingly funny and set to a great selection of songs – all performed A Capella, which is pretty incredible. It is also loosely based on a book, the non-fiction history of American college A Capella – Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Capella Glory by Mickey Rapkin, so it’s The Blind Side of the performance world.

Anna Kendrick was awesome as alternative college chick, Becca, who has dreams of being a DJ and Record producer in LA and little interest in A Capella or College. But, in the spirit of joining in, she auditions for the Bardon Bellas, run by control freak Aubrey (Anna Camp). The rest of the team is hilarious, but Aussie actress, Rebel Wilson steals the entire film as Fat Amy – ‘the best singer in Tasmania… with teeth’. She’s so funny, I’d recommend the film just for her one liners!

Elizabeth Banks (producing the film with her husband, Max Handleman) is hilarious as bawdy commentator, Gail Abernathy-McKadden… yes, that is her subtle-as-a-truck reference to The Hunger Games’ Haymitch Abernathy. But that’s beside the point; her caustic banter with John Michael Higgins is side-splittingly brilliant. Also, Skylar Astin is super sweet as Becca’s love interest, Jesse. And he sings too!!

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Overall the film is good in its under-dog formula. The Bellas struggle to break out of their losing streak and work as a team, and the rival team, the Treblemakers (yeah, just about every A Capella pun made it into this film) are both amazing performers and witty bad boys – their cover of B.O.B’s ‘Magic’ was my favourite. Although the film is light on romance, heavy on bitchiness, it’s a great little film with a perfect, talented cast.

3.5/5, in cinemas now


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