Pizzazz… and all that jazz

When you wanted books, we delivered. When you wanted awesome products, we sourced them, gave them sweet prices and shipped them off to you.

Now we hear you crying “Beauty! Fashion! Body! Health!” Well, ladies and gentlemen, guys and girls, we have gone one step better.

Introducing our new Facebook venture… Pizzazz.


Brought to you by the Co-op, Pizzazz is your go-to hub for all things stylish, beautiful, healthy and YOU. Featuring a collection of the latest trends on the catwalk, cool looks for the home, health and beauty tips plus other bits and pieces, Pizzazz is a vibrant must-have on your social newsfeed.

Watch this space (and more importantly, this space) for the latest updates to keep you in-the-know. We’ll hold exciting competitions with prizes including some of our favourite beauty products and books on fashion, health and well-being. Our very own StyleScouts will also be out and about roving the uni campuses, snapping girls and guys who are looking fine in their threads… so keep a look out!

Be sure to ‘like’ us to stay in the loop with all things Pizzazz! 



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