Quality vs quantity?

To be honest, I love things that are cheap and if not cheap, free at least. I just had a free haircut from a fancy salon at Town Hall! You see, you have to have an art of bargaining.

I would be lying if I said I don’t like cheap things. Most of UTS does, that’s why you see us students lining up for a free breakfast every Wednesday morning.

But how far would you go? I never compromise on food, especially if it’s Lindt chocolates (I would have them any day). Obviously, cheap things are good for your savings, but be careful – you don’t want to chow down on stale fried chicken from a run-down shop that gave it to you for $2. Now, that doesn’t mean we cannot shop cheaply at all. You see, I could have bought those five-finger shoes from a store for $135, but I didn’t, I searched for a cheaper version for weeks, and finally found a pair for $54 (eBay baby!).

I personally like to choose things that are better in quality over quantity, even if they are a bit expensive. I still go for cheaper things, but I’ll always look for the quality. You want to know how this is possible? One word: research. I like to window shop and compare prices; it is time consuming but it does save you money in the end.

Trust me, you can often get quality at a reasonable price – you just have to know where to look and how to shop! The Co-op is a great example. 🙂


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