Galveston Nic Pizzolatto“I knew the past wasn’t real. It was only an idea, and the thing I’d wanted to touch, to brush against, the feeling I couldn’t name – it just didn’t exist. It was only an idea, too.” 

Galveston is the new novel from Nic Pizzolatto, writer of the HBO hit ‘True Detective‘ – well, it’s new to us, but was actually published in the States back in 2010, and, when it came out it was nominated for a Edgar Award (yes, an award named after Mr Poe) for Best First Novel by an American Author.

I’m not sure why it took so long to get an Australian release, but I’m glad that the success of True Detective meant it did.

Galveston takes it’s name from the city in which the story is set. A beach town on the coast in the US state of Texas; we arrive into the story as Hurricane Ike is making its way from Cuba. Our main man Roy Cady is a man with a past, and a man who knows he’s done bad and doesn’t shy away from it. Instead he owns it and his cancerous time-bomb and embraces them for what they are – him.

As the weather closes in so does part of his past – part that goes back to a different time, a time where he was – at least in part – a hero rather than a villain.

A time where his business crossed paths with Rocky – a girl who has experienced more than anyone should in her short life. Together they embark on a journey with no direction other than forward and away – unfortunately the reflection in the rear vision mirror is hard to shake and things take a u-turn…

“Certain experiences you can’t survive, and afterward you don’t fully exist, even if you failed to die.” 

Galveston is dark and gritty and not a pleasant story, but crime wouldn’t exist as a genre if we all wanted to read about whiskers on kittens. What is exceptional with this novel is the writing – I really enjoyed how the tale was told with writing that is both laid back but also sophisticated. A style that makes you Roy – you see the things he sees, you smell the sand and surf he smells, and you hear the sound of shots and screams he hears.

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If you loved True Detective give this a read.

If you haven’t given crime a read lately then give this a try.

And, if  you’re a crime lover and want a page-turning read that is grounded in the dirt that can be humanity then Galveston is for you.

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