The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion follows Don Tillman, a genetics professor at Melbourne Uni. Desperate and dateless (and a touch of Aspergers Syndrome) sees him ready to throw in the towel on finding a partner. So, he concocts The Wife Project, an … ahem … not at all over-the-top 18-page quiz to find his best romantic match out of the women he meets. He thinks he can make a match by judging IQ, BMI, vegetarianism, smoking, the list goes on. Basically anything he doesn’t like he won’t pursue in a date.

And then he meets Rosie.

She’s spunky, with studded leather belts, dyed hair, a pack of cigarettes and a part-time job as a bartender. She’s so utterly imperfect for him that he can’t get her out of his head. After a dinner where he finds out she’s always been uncertain of her father’s true identity, Don offers to help her find her genetic match out of the list of guys who were in her mother’s graduating medicine class. They travel all over Melbourne and New York City to find her true dad, slowly falling in love along the way and unravelling Don’s meticulously scheduled life.

The Rosie Project was laugh out loud funny and witty. I liked Rosie, she was very cool but Don got on my nerves (it’s like watching BBC Sherlock insult and tactlessly careen his way through society!). At least he got better towards the end of the book! But it’s the flawed characters that make the book amazing and the writing is perfect as well – Don can be tactless but at the same time he’s got a raw charm and perfect comedic timing that keeps you turning every page. I loved this book – seriously grab a copy as soon as you can and enjoy the hilarious attempt of one guy to find the perfect match in an entirely imperfect dating world!

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And here’s the super cute book trailer to make you smile!

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