Safebook: being social media savvy

Ok, we get that you want to look popular and cool on Facebook and Twitter. Who doesn’t? Social media is a virtual world that allows you to be anyone and anything. However, we can all get carried away by this. It’s fine to stay connected to Facebook and Twitter but it’s wise if we have our limits; not everyone on the net has a heart of gold.

Changing your name is a clever thing to do if you want to remain somewhat anonymous in cyberspace, just make sure it is not hard for your real friends to find you! Maybe change your last name or the spelling slightly. When a random guy sends you a friend request who looks like Channing Tatum… Noooooooo way in a zillion years should you add him. Message and ask who he is first. Also, posting every time where you are and what are you doing is not always the wisest thing to do.  It doesn’t take Sherlock to track you down and creep you out in a dark alley.

So remember – be really careful about what information you send out into the abyss of cyberspace. Information can be copied, pasted and shared at the click of a mouse, so be social media savvy and stay street-smart!

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