Sail your internship to victory

Wherever we place our foot for a job interview, it always comes down to experience. I saw an interesting sketch showing a cycle of “No job = No Experience = No Job = No experience”. Sadly this cycle is true, so the question is: how can we get that experience? One golden word: ‘internship’.

An internship can be paid or unpaid. It does not matter because time equals money, so if we spend our time learning new skills it is essentially like a long-term investment anyway. It is never too late to check out the university careers website as there are many internship programs floating around. Attending a career fair is worth trying too. There, you will find employers scouting, seeking young keen beans to join their league. During the UTS Career Fair I saw an Australian Internships stall and to nobody’s surprise it had the longest queue.

All students should be aware of the benefits of a good internship, so keep in mind some helpful tips on getting the right internship for you:

  • It’s wise to perform your own research and learn more about your future employers
  • Many companies have internship promos on their websites – if you’re not sure, give them a call
  • Contact your specific faculty to find out about any internship programmes they may know about
  • The Australian Internships website is a great place to start, as is the Student Internships site

Getting accepted for a paid internship is a dream come true but even unpaid internships will at least be an assurance for a future job, if not a guarantee. Just remember, it really is the experience that counts these days, and an internship can go a long way.

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