Sailor Moon and Pandora Hearts

Sailor MoonEven if you don’t know a thing about manga and anime, chances are you’ve heard of  Sailor Moon. For many anime fans it was one of the first series they watched. It helped to introduce western audiences to the world of Japanese anime and manga.

The manga series recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in Japan, where they even announced the launch of a new anime series! Unfortunately, the English manga has been out of print since 2005. But, no longer. A new translation, planned to spread across 14 volumes, is currently in the works. The first few volumes are now available, with more on the way!

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Pandora Hearts Vol 1Also new to The Co-op Bookshop is the manga series Pandora Hearts. Blending mystery and fantasy, Pandora Hearts tells the story of Oz Vessalius who, at his coming of age ceremony, is condemned for a sin he knows nothing about. He’s thrown into a mysterious prison known only as The Abyss, where he meets a young girl named Alice. The mysterious Alice may be his only chance to escape and solve the mystery behind his sin.

Pandora Hearts is one of those series that’s a joy to read for its art as well as its story. It has plenty of drama, mystery, action and suspense to keep everyone happy. It does have a large cast of characters, which may be a turn off for some. However, it feels to me that this only adds to the story, watching every character working toward their own goals and manipulating others. A definite must for fans who like a touch of fantasy to their manga.

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Click here to view Pandora Hearts online.

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