Frightful Fiction!

Halloween has come and gone for another year. Once an event reserved for our overseas buddies, the October 31 “holiday” has gained a heap of popular in Australia in more recent times. Every year, an increasing number of kids and adults partake in the occasion, trick or treating, partying and proudly prettying their bodies with fake blood, guts, monster masks and freakishly inventive costumes.

Halloween is a time when horror and fright takes centre stage. However, that doesn’t mean people’s thirst for the genre diminishes throughout the rest of the year. There are plenty of you out there who love cosying up in the dark and scaring yourself stupid by watching a good horror movie. A good horror movie can really stuff with your thinking and change you forever. My introduction to the genre as a child was with films like Stephen King’s IT and Candyman, and I still vividly remember the fear that engulfed me after watching them. Yes, there are plenty of great ones out there (and plenty of shockers too). But the thing that I think takes real skill is to be able to pen a novel that sends shivers down the spine of the reader.

The Co-op has a plenty of scary novels for you to choose from, along with mysteries, thrillers and more. So, why not switch off the scary movie and pick up one of the horror books on the Co-op’s horror novel bookshelf. There are titles by Stephen King, Thomas Harris, Gillian Flynn, Iain Banks, Ira Levin, H P Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson, and more.

P.S. here are a just few more of my faves for good measure, all of them creepy and freaky for their own unique reasons …

READ  All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven


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