Sexy time

130500-Hero_instoreHave Sex. Save a Life. Save the World. A catchy and highly effective motto for the latest products to hit Co-op shelves, if you ask us! For Hero Condoms, though, it’s not just a motto, but a way of life.

The proactive concept, born from Sydney Uni graduate Dustin Leonard, centres around the ‘1 for 1’ initiative: for every Hero Condom bought, one is donated to an AIDS organisation in a developing country. As an added bonus, the company uses 100% recycled cardboard packaging and utilises eco-friendly practices at the manufacturing plant. So essentially, when you’re gettin’ it on, you really are saving a life and the world, all at once. That’s gotta be good for the conscience!

But, we hear you ask – how do they actually, you know… perform? Well, they come in both Regular and Super-thin varieties to suit all desires, and have a very faint citrus scent to keep the good times fresh. You can rest assured you’re practising safe sex every time,  as they’re made from high-quality latex and are 100% electronically tested and manufactured to international standards.

So help save peeps and places, and get set for some playful fun in the bedroom with these contraceptives for a great cause! Available in-store now.

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