Sights To See: NSW Edition

Finding things to see and do in NSW isn’t exactly hard. For starters, it’s home to Australia’s real capital (LOL @ Canberra), Sydney, packed with the most spectacular national parks, amazing beaches, ski resorts, a truly epic zoo, great shopping, a cool bridge and a weird, sail-looking house.

Choosing what to do while you’re here however, can be a struggle. So here are my top NSW tourist attractions, and why everyone should see and experience them.

Taronga Zoo: Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I F***ING LOVE the zoo, I really do. Taronga Zoo is by far my favourite, aside from the birds roaming around freely*, it’s perfect. It has a great mix of native wildlife: hello crocs, roos, and emus; plus exotic animals like lions, tigers, and – don’t ask why I find them exotic and fascinating – but mountain goats**. It is however, very big, so plan to spend the entire day there, and pick up a map as you go in, unless you want to get lost.

The Harbour Bridge: A tourist staple. If you come to Australia and don’t at least see it, you’ve done something wrong. A truly spectacular feat of engineering, it’s not to be missed, and you can CLIMB it. I never would, but hey, I’m a massive chicken.

The Opera House: As classic a photo op as the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House is simply too stunning to miss out on, and it’s just as beautiful inside as out.

Bondi Beach: If you’ve ever seen Bondi Rescue, you’ll know that this is where all the tourists go, and during summer, it’s insanely busy. Please though, spare the sexy lifeguards and avoid the backpackers rip!

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The Blue Mountains: Everyone goes to see the Three Sisters, but the Blue Mountains boasts some amazing hiking trails and is just a really picturesque place. Tip: avoid it in winter, temps go into the minuses, and for Aussies, that’s practically deadly (we don’t really do winter).

The War Memorial: This may seem like a weird one, and I’ll admit that the one in Canberra is much bigger and the museum is much more comprehensive. BUT, the Sydney War Memorial wins on the story of its dome ceiling. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but if you do visit, make sure to ask one of the guides about it!

*Birds scare me, don’t judge.
**They seem to defy gravity and that makes them amazing, OK?!

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