Sit or Stand?

There are a few things available to help you read, and I’m not talking about learning to read, I’m talking about book stands … here’s two we’ve got available at the Co-op

There’s the Bookseat:

Personally I’m not a big fan, the size isn’t conducive to travel, meaning if I had one it probably wouldn’t get taken anywhere as the space in my bag is generally taken up by the book I’m reading and the glasses to read it.

On the plus size they do come in a great range of colours and patterns.

The Bookseat is perfect for beach houses and caravans – where you don’t have to take all your things all the time, and also for those with a pool, the Bookseat would make a great poolside reading assistant (although it’s water resistance has not been tested, and I’m not recommending it for in-pool use).


The Easy Reader:

The Easy Reader is and does what the name says. It’s both easy to use and easy to read with. The downside is it is made of plastic, and because it does extend to hold up to A3 size the size is somewhat restrictive for keeping in the bag.  Having said that, the Easy Reader has uses beyond reading and could be a help in the office, or even at home if you ever type up notes after a uni lecture.



So if you want a little help with your reading you can either take a seat or opt for the easy read(er).

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