Skincare, schmincare – this one’s for you too, fellas!

You gotta be kind to your skin, as chances are it will be the one you have for your whole life. Getting into a good skincare habit now can work wonders for your future self and keep your skin looking young and beautiful.

It’s good to start by understanding what type of skin you have – normal, oily, dry or combination – as this will guide you towards what products will work better on your skin and prevent breakouts or flaking. Then, find products to suit your skin, but keep it simple – cleanser, toner and moisturiser are a good place to build from. At the Co-op we stock a great range of natural skincare solutions including Burt’s Bees and Perfect Potion, plus our new line of Organic Surge products. Organic Surge are pure, organic and gentle on the skin, and all products are available both in-store and online.

The secrets to good skincare…

–          Always take your makeup off every night (check out our new range of lush MeMeMe makeup products and tools!). If you’re a guy or not wearing makeup, it’s still good to wash the general dirt, ozone and dust off your skin to help fight any excess oil that can build up during the day. Burt’s Bees and Organic Surge have a beautiful range of cleansers to wash the day away.
–          The skincare range also includes beauty wipes, which I find great for the gym or handbag if I want to refresh my skin on the go.
–          Sunscreen has always been the go-to beauty product. I slather it on under makeup, buy foundations with a minimum SPF 15+, and don’t leave the house without a top up. Sunscreen is the best barrier between your beautiful skin and the sun’s damaging rays. And it’s not just for girls – guys should always wear sunscreen as well. No more redness, fade freckles naturally and prevent skin cancer! Also, if you plan to tan, get it from a can. Cancer Council sunscreens are available in-store.
–          Getting a good moisturiser is very important in keeping your skin fresh and fabulous. Again, knowing your skin type will determine if you need something super moisturising or a lighter one to use sparingly.
–          If your skin is looking dull or a bit bland from winter, then a good exfoliation can slough away old skin cells and let the new you shine. Be really gentle on your face and areas where the skin is thinner, like the bridge of your nose and around your eyes, as you don’t want to aggravate blood vessels in your skin.
–          Lower alcohol, cigarette and fat intake and it will work wonders for your skin. Maccas for lunch can lead to breakouts and excessive amounts of alcohol can do damage inside and out.
–          Keep lips kissable and smooth with Burt’s Bees lip balms.
–          Sleep and exercise – sleep repairs damage, clears toxins and helps plump your skin, while exercise gets blood pumping, giving skin that healthy glow. Also, drinking plenty of water will keep your epidermis well hydrated.

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