Sleeping In – How Not to Do It



Sunlight shining on man in bed saying "Ugh. Early. Bad."

Waking up early is tough. But uni life, being the punish that it is, often makes waking up a requirement for those wishing to successfully get through the semester. Tutorials, lectures, group assignment meetings in the library at some crazy hour (“no, I do not want to meet you at the library at 10am“) – they just keep popping up in the calendar, until all of a sudden the hours before lunchtime are fuller than a fat dude at the end of a session at the all you can eat buffet.  

To help you out, here are a few handy tips to help you get up when your alarm sounds, so you can get ready and arrive on time to take on the world (or something like that) … 

1. Set an alarm clock up in every corner of your room/house before you go to bed. Make sure all the alarms are set to go off a few minutes apart. That way if you do roll out of bed to turn one off and leap back into bed in the hope of falling back to sleep, the next one is sure to go off just as you’re dozing off. 

2. Set your alarm and lock it inside something that requires you to actually use your brain to open it and shut it off. Once it’s open, you’ll be too alert to go back to sleep.


3. Ask someone who loves to annoy you (sibling, mate etc.) to wake you up each morning with their very own unique musical creation.

4. Get a puppy or kitten …

Kitten Waking Person Up


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5. Set your alarm clock up in such a way that you really won’t want to touch that snooze button …

alarm clock set with mouse trap on snooze button

6. If all else fails, there’s always this (warning: this is for extreme cases of ICANTGETOUTTABEDITUS only).


 EXTRA TIP: If you do sleep in, just make sure you’ve mastered the art of the sickie …

I Can't Go Anywhere!





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