Sleepy head

Have you got any idea how weird the concept of sleeping is? You wear special clothes for sleeping and have a special room for sleeping, then you pretty much pass out and hallucinate  for eight hours!*

I’ll let you ponder that on your own, but no matter how strange, getting some shut-eye is so important to health and happiness. So why is sleep important and what are the benefits of sleep? Really, sleep makes the world go round and getting a good night of deep sleep is proven to make you happier, help combat depression and mental illness, repair your body, help you get over illness and sniffles faster, regulate your appetite so you don’t binge on cookies and helps you remember more during the day.

Pretty cool huh?

It’s true that scientists say the average adult needs at least 8 hours of sleep to carpe diem the next morning. The less sleep you get the worse off you feel the next morning – tired, cranky and prone to falling asleep at your desk… so remember the benefits listed above and enjoy a full night of zzzz’s!

Some tips for getting a good night’s sleep:

–          Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and some medications close to bed time, they will keep you wide awake or at the least have a very disrupted sleep.

–          Read a book, do some yoga and just chill out, and try to give up the iPhone to unwind for bed.

–          Keep the room dark so you’re not disturbed by any lights or sounds.

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–          Don’t underestimate the mid-afternoon power nap.

–          Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time; having a regular sleeping routine helps the body to expect sleep and relax.

*Got to credit a comedic genius I found on Tumblr for that opening joke!

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