So hot right now – the new global hotspots to visit

As the year winds up and the southern hemisphere’s temperature starts to climb, it’s not hard to start imagining yourself sipping mojitos on a tropical island, or maybe fighting frostbite waiting for the New Year’s Ball Drop in the Big Apple. The travel bugs are beginning their flight, so where are you planning to go?

To help you decide on a great travel spot, we’ve lined up some of the best travel destinations for this year (from reputable sources like Lonely Planet):

Tokyo – Japan has just been named the host of the 2020 Olympic Games, so that is a major event that is definitely worth going to at least once in your life. Other awesome things to do in the city is to try the most amazing sushi, enjoy cold Japanese beer on a hot day, visit historical shrines like the Toshoguro Shrine in Nikko, and hit up Disneyland and Disney Sea – the happiest place on earth!

New York – New York, so good they named it twice, is my favourite city in the world. Visit in winter for a true winter wonderland in Central Park, see a show on Broadway, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and drink cosmos at the coolest bars. Then take the ferry ride for free and watch the city from afar.

Venice – yes it’s sinking. But really, really slowly, so don’t let that deter you from the most incredible city in the world. Take gondola rides through canals lined with dusky rose and pastel coloured buildings, wander through a market blooming with colour and great Italian cooking, enjoy the many events through the year like Carnavale, and definitely find a good mask to bring home as a souvenir.

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If you’re looking for value destinations then…

Costa Rica – Carribbean paradise! With plenty of pristine beaches, rainforests, great hotels and volunteering opportunities, there are so many great things to do in Costa Rica. The food is amazing and coral reefs and islands are worth visiting. You might even see a turtle in the water or be amazed at the laying season where thousand of turtles hit the beach to lay their eggs.

 Fiji – Fiji is stunning, with breathtaking reefs to scuba dive on and beautiful resorts to relax by the pool in. Island time runs four times slower than real time (it’s a fact) so a holiday in Fiji can be very relaxing. Chill on the beach, cruise around the many islands, parasail or scuba dive.

Portland, Oregon, USA – hailed as one of the coolest cities in the States, Portland is affordable and cool. According to Lonely Planet there is “Cheap food! Free things to do! Forty breweries (and counting) with pints of perfectly crafted beer often costing US$4!” Cool, hey?


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