So, um… will you go out with me?

Uni can be stressful! Not only are you expected to learn there, you are meant to try new things, meet new people, AND still have time to date. I am no expert at uni dating, but I have been here long enough to have seen and heard about all the hidden secrets and tips for dating at University.

Here are some “guidelines for uni dating” I have put together, which can hopefully save some embarrassment and humiliation for first year newbies. Note: they are to be used as a guide only and I cannot guarantee your success rates!

1.    Don’t add him/her to your Facebook after the first date

Knowing when the best time is to send a friend request can be a hard decision. Social media can be tricky, but I think it is acceptable to send that important request after 2 or 3 dates.

2.    Don’t ask them out on a date via SMS

Text messaging can be both a blessing and a curse for uni dating! Although it can be handy for tweaking what to say and gives you the ability to decide when you want to say it, the informality of it might discourage them on the get-go.

3.    A ‘study session’ can be a date in disguise!

Asking someone out at uni can take a lot of courage. Don’t expect someone to just walk up to you on campus and ask you out on a date. A simple “Hey, we should study for the test we have next week, when are you free for a study session?” might have been their best attempt to get closer to you, so look out for the signs.

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 4.    Avoid cheesy pick-up lines at all costs…

Remember to be yourself, and good luck out there in the land of love!

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