Social butterfly or hermit crab?

Having a social life is crucial to being a healthy human being. A person who is starved of human interaction could become mentally and emotionally unstable, and may even mix metaphors and references in unnecessarily long sentences. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy because he can’t go up the hill with Jill to fetch a pail of water with which to quench his thirst for human interaction.

In the midst of the various commitments of life, people of all ages can find it difficult to maintain a healthy balance between all the components of life that are essential to their wellbeing. When overwhelmed with a seemingly endless pile of work and study, a social life can be the first thing to disappear. While this may give you more time to get work done for a short period, it’s certainly not a healthy long-term strategy. Spending time with other people is not merely an enjoyable option, but a necessary part of life. It’s important to take a break from work and hang out with other people, even if the group’s only discussion topic is the work that you don’t want to do!

Of course, it can be challenging to fit socialising into your life when you have heaps of work – that’s why planning ahead is probably the most important thing a student can do. Remember: not having a social life at all is just setting yourself up to be a social outcast, or, even worse, a serial blogger. Plan ahead to enjoy yourself with other people.

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