Speed Learning [not just] for Kids

Speed Learning for Kids by Bill Handley, author of Speed Maths for Kids, is a fascinating guide to helping children learn more with less effort and stress. Using clever memorisation and word association techniques, Handley explains ways to study smarter and retain more information. Speed Learning for Kids helps with spelling, problem solving, memory and can boost a child’s confidence in achieving and learning.

I tried out some of his tips, proving that this book works just as well in your twenties, and within ten minutes I had no problem remembering the capital cities of South America! Easy to read with plenty of activities kids will click with by working with their vibrant imaginations to achieve fast learning results.


Guest Blogger: Grace, 2nd Year University of Wollongong student, Co-op Member since 2012 and Social Media Intern


Speed Learning for Kids will be available in-store and online on 23/11/2012, and you can pre-order online.

Congratulations to our two Speed Learning for Kids competition winners David and Hollie.

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