Stage Fright

Stage Fright is book three for Tara Sharp, and Tara decides to take a break from Perth, and the dramas living with her parents, the threat of Johnny Viaspa and the sexual tension of being near Nick Tozzi by taking a job in Brisvegas. Only things don’t quite go to plan and Tara finds herself in the middle of a OS rap tour with her life threatened … again.

It’s up to Tara to keep the tour on the road, as she becomes babysitter and body guard, and career savior. Throw in a few bikkies, an gangsta or two, a few ‘accidents’ and you have what is an enjoyable Australian written and set story.

The more I read about Tara the more I love her – while I’m not quite as out there as Tara with the decisions, the story isn’t too far from reality to be unreal…

Sharp Shooter: Tara Sharp Series: Book 1 Sharp Turn: Tara Sharp Series: Book 2 Stage Fright: Tara Sharp Series: Book 3
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