Star Attraction

Star AttractionStar Attraction is a new chicklit romance from début Australian author Vanessa Stubbs.

Set in Sydney 30 something single journalist Madison Edwards gets the dream assignment to interview the visiting Hollywood heart throb. Only thing is, and much to the dismay of her friends, she’s so disconnected from the world of gossip that she has to do a crash course in Jamie Hall 101 before the interview takes place.  Then when the interview actually happens things get off on the wrong foot, assumptions are made and it becomes a moment both would rather forget.

Forced to swallow her pride and complete the Jamie Hall assignment Madison soon learns that what makes the superstar persona doesn’t necessarily make the man … and queue the romance storyline.

The story is fairly formulaic, but has all the right bits and pieces to make it enjoyable. This is a good one for reading on public transport, on a picnic rug in a park or on a towel at the beach, before passing it onto a friend to read.

Star Attraction is a September new release that is available now.

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