“The first in a breathtaking futuristic thriller series by screen writer Lissa Price.” – the publishers sell on the Young Adult April release Starters

Callie and her sick little brother Tyler are starters – at the start of their life. They are on the run as orphans since the war that killed everyone between 25 and 60. With no Grandparents to claim them they are on the run from

the Marshals. The Enders control all and Starters can’t work as that would take jobs away from an Ender … But Callie has found a way with the hope of getting enough money for meds for Tyler and a roof over their heads … She is going to rent her body to be occupied by an Ender. Her rental doesn’t go to plan and a plot to murder and enslave is uncovered and it is up to Callie to make sense of it all and find a way to a better life.

This is a bit of a Stephanie Myer Host mixed with John Marsden’s Tomorrow When the War Began series in Starters which works well – another Young Adult that not so young adults can enjoy!

Starters is available as an ebook

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