What you’re not told when starting uni – Tip #3

Tip #3: Ask for things!

 If you’re unsure about whether something is possible, you won’t find out unless you say something. Yet it’s very easy to feel reluctant or daunted, and not say anything. Requesting something harmless can’t hurt anyone. You’ll be surprised what’s possible if you merely go up to someone personally and talk to them about it.

For example, when I started university, I thought that timetables were set in stone, and that I couldn’t change the decisions made by university administration and teachers. At the start of last year, I happened to meet a teacher who was coordinating a subject of mine and I casually mentioned that the only class time offered would result in a clash on my timetable. One day later, I received an email from the teacher notifying me that she had rescheduled the class – something which I had never thought possible, and which never would have happened had I said nothing. Moral of the story: ask for things even if you’re not sure whether they can happen, because the worst that can happen is that you’ll be told “no”. And who knows what good things could be possible?

See here for tips #1 and  #2 (it’ll be worth it).

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