Stephen King’s Book to Film Adaptations

He’s been called a ‘genius’ (the Mirror), ‘one of the greatest storytellers of our time’ (the Guardian), and ‘one of the most fertile storytellers of the modern novel’ (The Sunday Times). Happy Birthday to Stephen King, the master of horror and a inimitable storyteller!

Renowned for page-turning suspense and spine-chilling tales, he is a remarkably gifted writer. Who would’ve thought that a kid who started out pumping petrol would turn out to be one of the most famous authors of the modern era? His stories are always gripping, so much so that many of them have been turned into films or TV series. Here are just a few of my faves.


This film first appeared on screens in 1976. It has been remade twice since then. But before any of them, there was Stephen King’s book, the inspiration for them all. It tells the story of an outcast teenage girl, Carrie. Carrie has the power of telekinesis, and this is a power that leads to horrifying events …


Cujo, is a big and loveable Saint Bernard dog, loyal to his normal everyday family. That is until the day Cujo gets bitten by rabid bats, and the canine transforms into a powerful force hell-bent on evil … This film hit cinemas in 1983, two years after King’s book was released.


This is Stephen King at his best, the story of an evil force that is able to transform itself into the worst fears of its victims. The most common way this is done is via the sadistic Pennywise, the Dancing Clown. The evil clown was brought to life brilliantly by Tim Curry in the 1990 film adaptation of the book.

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Ever seen that 1990 film where goes Kathy Bates cray-cray on James Caan? Yep, well that frightening tale is all from the mind of Stephen King. His book, Misery, came out in 1987.

The Green Mile

It’s an unforgettable film starring Hollywood megastar Tom Hanks and the massive Michael Clarke Duncan (you know the one in which a whole swarm of insects flies out of the big man’s mouth)? But before it was filling cinemas and entertaining viewers, it was mesmerising minds of readers. Yes, you guessed it – The Green Mile is based on a Stephen King novel of the same name.


This Stephen King novel tells the story of a young girl who develops the power of pyrokinesis, and the government that seeks to control her. It was turned into a film in 1984, which stars a very young Drew Barrymore.


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