Straight Jacket

“It’s always darkest under the lamp.”
– Blacksnake

Morgen Tangenz is the human personification of Janus; high-flying, genius legal mind by day, Machiavellian schemer and manipulator by night.

With a keen interest in reshaping the lives of others to fit his concept of justice, Morgen and his offsider Xeno (pronounced Geno) engage in what Morgen terms ‘life sculpture’, completely unbeknownst to their chosen prey. However, Morgen’s own life is not proceeding to plan – his schemes at his work come awry, and a run-in with an old friend at Kenley Park brings him into unexpected proximity with his art, (and his friend’s wife). Meanwhile his dreams are becoming ever stranger.  All the while, looming in the background is the Gorge Killer, murdering women in a gruesome fashion, pursued by Act. Detective Sargent Peter Blacksnake Fowler. Blacksnake is faced with an uncooperative department and a killer with a taste for theatricality, sending curious missives to the local newspaper after each murder, while Bartini, the journalist receiving them delights in his new-found, global fame.

With each page turn, the plot unfolds to a thrilling conclusion with a twist that begs re-reading. In Morgen, Deans has created a delightfully dark character both villain and saint. Painting vivid character portraits and urban landscapes, Deans peppers the work with short yet vibrant descriptions. His black humour is rich and at times causes evil chuckles at Morgen’s audacity.

Straight Jacket is a thrilling page turner that is almost as addictive as the substances described within.

Guest Blogger: Nick is from our wonderful law specialist store in Phillip Street, Sydney CBD.

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