Strangled Silence

I’ve read some other books from Oisin McGann, liked them, and found Strangled Silence on a sale table, attracted by the black page edging…

Was the purchase worth it?

Yes, it was. A great page turning young adult conspiracy story with strong leads characters. The journalist intern, the returned injured vet, who also happens to have a couple of million, the old money conspiracy theorist hacker and the things that just don’t add up … and a tiny hint of romance. It was a bit X-Files / army brainwash story mixed with the movie Hackers.

Amina Mir is the intern journo, her mum’s a top journo, and her dad in the military, her brother Tariq is in high school. Amina and Tariq are searching for the same answers without realising it. Amina, along with conspiracy ‘expert’ Chi’ discover what happened to Ivor McMorris during the Sinnostan war, they try to bring everything to light, however …

Seems it is now only available as an ebook.


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