Stripped: a book that deserves more

Saying that Fifty Shades of Grey has been a hit is a bit of an understatement – it’s everywhere, and frankly, it’s probably driving a lot of us bonkers. This is not another blog about Fifty Shades; it’s about an Australian erotic novel that has unfortunately been swept under the rug (and since naughty novels are popular now, I thought I’d give this amazing one a bit of a booster).

The Bride Stripped Bare was first published anonymously in 2003, though its author was later revealed to be NSW writer Nikki Gemmell. It’s been a while since I read this book, so I’ll tell you what I remember and why it was awesome: it makes you really feel something (and no, not like that).

Written in the form of a diary, from a woman who has left her husband, there’s an underlying message about the struggles of marriage, what it is to really love someone, and the issue of sacrificing yourself for another person. Beside all the sex scenes, The Bride Stripped Bare is a piece of real literature. It doesn’t use sex for its shock factor, but to develop the characters and plot, to make you question love and people.

This morning on national television I heard Fifty Shades described as ‘literature’, and while I haven’t read it myself, I couldn’t help but think that nothing could compare to The Bride Stripped Bare when it comes to classy eroticism written spectacularly well. Seek it out and read it, because this Aussie gem deserves to be as big a phenomenon (if not more) as Fifty Shades of Grey has been.

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Kyra Bandte is at UOW studying creative writing and english literatures (all things writing, all the time). She’s always buying books faster than she can read them, but she’ll get to them all one day. Likes include coffee, board games, overcast skies, the colour green and throwing nouns together. Dislikes include cliches. 

Kyra is also completing a Copywriting and Public Relations Internship at the Co-op as part of her course.

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