Study or sleep?

Let’s face it. Most of us have been there: it’s the night before your final exam and even with good intentions, you realize you haven’t even cracked open a textbook, looked at your lecture slides or studied your notes… it’s freak out time!

There are 12 weeks worth of cramming to be done and not enough hours in the night. What is your quick fix solution? Develop insomnia? Overload on coffee and energy drinks? Take some tablets? Or Google “How to ace your exams without studying” all night long and hope for the best? Cramming is a rite of passage for many uni students, however these techniques will ring warning bells if done too often.

First of all staying up all night can cause sleep deprivation. This may affect the brain’s wave ripples that store long-term memory (which are usually active during sleep!); ultimately hindering your ability to retain information absorbed the night before! This means it can affect your grades! Poor memory and lack of alertness will affect your ability to concentrate during your exam, defeating the purpose of staying up in the first place.

Secondly, energy drinks can be very bad for your health! They can contain twice the amount of caffeine than an average cup of coffee and can ultimately cause caffeine overdose! This can trigger symptoms like headaches, nausea and anxiety – NOT what you want right before your exam! Not only this, many energy drinks are FULL of sugar, which can contribute to diabetes and obesity. So maybe think again… is it really worth it?

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That said, sometimes procrastination gets the best of us, and frankly, we don’t have any other options! For those of you out there in that situation, here are some ways our brains can trick us into thinking we are studying when it really isn’t doing anything, so avoid them!


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