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So, you’re at that point of the semester where you’ve found yourself searching Google for “Study Tips to Pass Uni”. Yeah, I know that moment. It’s a time you’re hoping to find the ultimate study tip – the answer to all your tertiary prayers, the answer that’ll take away the pain of study and make it just so easy to ace that exam. Well, guess what ….? Sorry! No quick fix here! (apologies to anyone who thought they’d just discovered the long sought-after secret to study success). However, there are still heaps of awesome study tips out there that you can try, and we’ve listed just a few of these below. Give them a go and let us know if they work for you. You’ll still have to work hard, but they may make the whole study thing a little easier. Happy Studying!

Study Tip 1
Hit the books before hitting the hay

This is one for all the peeps who love a little bedtime reading. But forget the fairy tales and put away the John Grisham thriller, Divergent book or whatever else it is you’re reading and grab your study notes. You only need to study for a few minutes just before you doze off to la la land. By taking in this information right before you sleep, you’re more likely to be able to remember them in the future. Why? Well, science has shown that during sleep the brain strengthens new memories. But don’t take your notes in the bed with you. That should be your zone of rest and zen, and having the notes there simply gets in the way of you getting to sleep. Plus, there’s nothing worse than waking up with a face full of algorithms and pen marks down your cheek.

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Study Tip 2
Study Wise with Exercise

Work out the brain and the body and boost your marks! Exercise has been proven to improve the speed in which the brain works and processes information. Plus, it makes you feel happier! So, it doesn’t matter if you go for a ride around the park, a jog between lectures, or create a 30-minute circuit in your own backyard, as long as you’re moving and raising the heart rate you’re doing your body (and hopefully grades) a favour!

Study Tip 3
Write, Write, Write to Get  It Right In The Exam

If you were ever punished at school and forced to write lines over and over and over again, you’re sure to be a gun at this technique. Studies have shown that if you put pen to paper and write stuff down, you retain that information much better than if you were simply reading it or typing it on a computer. So, shutdown the laptop, dust-off the biro and start writing and rewriting your essays, notes, formulas and other important bits of info from class.

Write Out Your Notes

Study Tip 4
Say No to the Net

The internet can be an awesome source of information and a very helpful tool when it comes to studying. But let’s be honest, it’s also able to suck you into a time vortex, one filled with dancing cats and Times Square flash dances. So, say farewell Facebook, buzz off to Buzzfeed, ta-ta Twitter, p*ss off, Pinterest and see ya, YouTube! Switch it off and focus solely on the study. Go on, I dare you …

Study Tip 5
Become a Quiz Master

It has been proven that quizzing yourself before a test can greatly improve your memory recall during the real thing. So, set up your quiz, set the clock and quiz, quiz, quiz. Create your own quiz incorporating questions you know you’ve had trouble remembering. The more you are faced with them in a practice mode, the more likely you are to recall it during the exam. If you’ve got a friend doing the same thing, why not write an exam for each other.

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What are your study tips? Share them below and tell us why they work for you.

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