Study Quirks

For most of you this week is study week, stuvac, as it is known in some places and I’ve been doing some relaxing of late by re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and yesterday’s episode (Series 5, episode 11, Triangle) the following was said:

Willow: We can come by between classes. Usually I use that time to copy over my class notes with a system of different colored pens. But it’s been pointed out to me that that’s, you know, insane.

Tara: I said “quirky” 

It got me thinking – do you have a “quirk” you use to help all those bits of information from the semester stick in your head?

A set of coloured pens like Willow, or are you more a highlighter kind of person?

Do you use a different notebook for each subject, perhaps even ones with different coloured pages?

With your textbooks do you highlight, post-it-note or write in the margins?

I’m a different notebook, and different coloured pen and highlighter person  and when it comes to books I’m and underliner and post-it user.

Whatever you do to help you study for that essay or exam let me know, together we can build a database of study “quirks”

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