Is it time to take a (study) load off?

More and more these days you will find many unis offer courses other than full-time study on campus. So before starting your uni course (or even if you’ve already done a few semesters), it might be good to have a think about whether an alternative ‘study-mode’ – that is, part-time, full-time, on campus or online – might suit you better!

Some people might find that full-time study is too stressful and they need to reduce their subject load later on in the semester. This is not the best position to be in half way through your unit, as it’s costly to pull out as you’ve already paid for it (or added it to your HELP debt)!

To avoid this, it might be best for you to consider starting your degree or semester part-time – this way it will give you the option to increase your load later if you want to instead of starting your degree on a negative note.

Like most things, there are both benefits and challenges with the option of part-time study:

Benefits of part-time study:

  • Flexibility to balance your studies, work and personal commitments
  • Financial benefits as you can work during your degree
  • Study at a pace that suits you

Challenges of part-time study:

  • Takes longer to finish your degree
  • Distractions may occur as you are not fully concentrating on study
  • You won’t necessarily graduate with the same friends/classmates at the same time

Weigh up what you want out of your time at uni, and the answer will come!

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