Talk Like TED

No, I do not mean the Seth MacFarlane movie. I mean the engaging, revolutionary presentations on Technology, Entertainment and Design – TED talks. I’ve started listening to the podcast recordings TED talks and NPR’s TED Radio Hour on my commute and I am totally addicted. I found it’s a good way to explore fascinating new topics, which has led to a boom in my non-fiction buying habits. While I still love the awesome range of fiction the Co-op has, I’ve started hanging out in the business and marketing section, chasing up topics on business innovation (The Everything Store by Brad Stone), marketing (Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi), and generational essays (Understanding Y by Charlie Caruso {a seriously good book, I highly recommend!!}).

And to cap it off, you can learn how to present your own ideas in the smooth and engaging manner of a TED talk. In-store and online, we have two awesome new books: Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo, and How To Deliver A TED Talk by Jeremy Donovan. Both these books help you map out and deliver an amazing presentation. Great for honing your public speaking skills and presenting confidently in uni and the workplace. Since TED is considered the empire of a successful presentation, these two books are well worth the flick through.

If you’re in your twenties and looking to dip your toe into the world of TED talks, then check out this one, a favourite of mine, TED Radio Hour: The Next Greatest Generation. It combines five amazing TED presentations from Gen Y with interesting perspectives on making the most of our awesome generation!

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