Your Nokia 3310 may be indestructible but man it is old school! And your typewriter may be hipster but it’ll be pretty hard to email that resume in a snap.

Ok, I jest. I love typewriters, they’re so typewriter-y. But keeping up with the latest in technology is actually really important. I don’t mean it in a ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ kind of way, where you buy the new iPhone every few months and have been on the waiting list for Google Glass for years. More in the way that keeping an eye on what’s happening in the tech sphere can have job opportunities, help advance your career, make your life easier or just make for great water cooler conversation.

Technology is changing at rapid speed and so new jobs and opportunities are being invented to keep up with it. Keeping your finger on the pulse of new inventions or phone models might give you a break into an awesome new job. Likewise, smart phones are pretty dynamic and app development is super popular. If you want to design a catchy game or a utility to make life easier, then there is ample opportunity to do so.

If you’re thinking more long term than an app, then technology can have big impacts on your dream career and your current occupation. Will tech change and possibly replace your job or industry? It’s good to know because you can then plan a way to either adapt or bail before it gets too late. Keeping up to date in technology programs can diversify your industry and make a huge change. Hey, maybe your ideal job is still in production somewhere!

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Tech is also actively developed to make life easier, and while I do think the idea of a robot nanny for your kids is a bit of a stretch, there are a million apps that can track your exercise, spending, calories, and appointments so you are much less likely to be forgetting stuff or going broke.

And lets face it, tech is cool! It’s exciting what they can now do in medicine and engineering. Society is increasingly dependant on smart phones and Google Glass is just mind-blowing. Keep up to date on tech and you will have hours of great conversation – talk about how cool it is or hypothesise the Huxley-like, dystopic future we and our smart phones might be going to!

And if you do want to grab some of the latest in tech, then head to the Co-op – you’ll find some cool tech gear to keep you entertained.

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