Tell-AllI picked up Tell All at the English Language Bookshop in Beijing thinking it would make a good read for the way home, unfortunately I was tempted by the tiny screen in the chair and watched movies between my napping, and now that I have read it I have to say that I don’t think it is a plane read. instead, what I have to say is:

Wow. Mr Chuck Palahniuk, you have a very strange mind.

You made me laugh.

You didn’t make me cry.

You made me feel awkward.

You made me wish that I knew more of the names of old Hollywood

chirp chirp cluck cluck … really interesting writing style.

Like nothing I’ve ever read before.

With an ending that I didn’t see coming.

I’m glad that I have read it,

I’m not sure who I would recommend it to,

So, I’m just going to Tell (you) All.

(Chuck Palahniuk is the author of Fight Club to give you a little insight into the type of writing).

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