The afterlife

130300-NowWhat_290x290I’m talking the uni afterlife, just to make things clear.

Picture this: you’ve done your final ever uni exam or handed in your last assignment. It’s the morning after. You awake in a sleepy haze knowing there is possibly something special about this day. Then you sit up fast in a panicked state that you have an assignment due NOW or an exam to cram for. Stomach clenched that you haven’t studied enough. Heart racing that you’ve slept in.

Then you realise that actually, it’s all over. *Cue birdsong, slowed heart rate, de-sweated palms.* It is officially your first day of the historical era I call AU (After Uni). What now?

Nothing to fret about, no notes to repeat, no rushed trips to the assignment collection box at precisely 3.59pm. That’s right, folks, uni life as you know it is over. Finito. Doneski.

Of course, everyone is different, but AU you’ll probably experience a wave of emotions like I did: complete and utter elation, denial (“could I possibly still have one more journal to hand in?!”), guilt (“I should be doing something!”), and the sensation of feeling like a lost and forlorn lamb. My tip? Enjoy this period of your life where you are accountable to no tutor, group team member or assignment collection box. Better yet, revel in the fact that you (or most of you, at least) haven’t officially entered the big world of full-time employment.

Bask in the glow of your new-found freedom that the darling early days of AU life bring. Perhaps even get a part-time job (if you haven’t got one already) and earn some cash while winding down. Take some time out to rejuvenate and repair your mind, body and soul from those 15+ years of non-stop studying and learning – you’ve earned it.

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