The Alchemasters Apprentice

Alchemasters ApprenticeWater Moers has dished out another delicious installment in his series of novels set on the lost continent of Zamonia – The Alchemasters Apprentice. This story which carries a subtitle of, “a culinary fairy tale “ centres on Echo a little Crat, an invention of Moers which is almost identical to a cat, but possesses the power of speech and the ability to understand any language. When he finds himself starving and on the streets he is presented with a deadly proposition from the city’s evil alchemist overlord, Ghoolion. In exchange for his life Echo will receive a month of the most exquisite mouth-watering foods ever made. With the help of some new-found friends Echo attempts to worm his way out of the looming disaster.

As with the other works set in this mythical land of Moers creation the reader is served up a witty engaging and suspenseful story complemented by the authors charming drawings which are peppered throughout the book. This book is a bountiful feast for young adults on up.

Kane, The Co-op Macquarie

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